What is this?

Community hosting is a web community created by 2by2host for their customers and business partners.

Our community is comprised of people, tools and ideas that when used together create a tremendous force that can be used to achieve greater success.

Our current community tools include:

  1. Twitter Machine - generates traffic to your site based on keywords you specify
  2. Affiliate Program - allows you to refer new customers to us and get paid for doing that
  3. Simfany Online Video Collection Service - organize videos from various resources into collections and have a video page on your site
  4. Writers Heaven - write articles on any topic and get organic traffic to your site

By actively participating in our community you will grow your business, meet new people and learn tons of new things.

We highly encourage you to be proactive!

How will this help you, your site or your business?

The success formula of large companies is not complex. It is due to the work of many people in accord with each other, persistence with the idea or product and follow-through.

Having a community represent you makes this formula work very well. In return the community will need your creative work and ideas.

What will you get?

You will get to participate in our community and use our tools. In addition you will get our guidance on how to use the tools and how to be an effective affiliate.

You will receive 50% of the purchase price for every hosting referral and 10% for every development or design referral. Our system will help you keep track of all your referrals and show you your earnings and stats.

You can read about our other tools under the Complete Information tab. The beauty of this is that we will constantly add more userful tools.

How much will I earn?

As our affiliate your earnings would depend on how active and creative you are.

The important thing to understand is that by promoting us you will promote yourself and recieve our support. We will assist you on the way.

How do I sign up?

The sign up is absolutely FREE and if you are our web hosting customer you will also enjoy the tools we have to offer to you.

Click on the "Register" link above to get started.

Detailed information about 2by2host.com community

Below, we present more information about each section of our community.

Twitter Machine

Our Twitter Machine was designed to follow Twitter users based on keywords you specify in your configuration. You can change or rotate your key words or phrases every week to get the best result.

The system works very well in conjunction with our Twitter mods. The particular one that we created is for the SMF (simple machines forum) bulletin board. You can configure it to post message from your board on Twitter.

Affiliate Program

In our affiliate program you could use your special link to incorporate on your websites and any other relevants places that would accept a link like that.

In addition you can use the "word-of-mouth" method where you just type in the customer's information in your panel and we review it and take the appropriate action.

Simfany Online Video Collection Service

Our video collections service is another avenue for you to promote yourself. It allows you to organize links to videos from resources like Youtube, etc. On every video page you will be able to put links to your resources.

Another important part of this service is that you can display your collection on your site by using our special script.

Writers Heaven

This is probably one of our favorite ones. It takes creativity on your part but works long term and is very effective.

You write an article on any topic, publish it through our system and get a link to your site or resource. The more articles you write the more links you'll get. It can be anything from simple instructions to a detailed essay.